Decentralized trust graph for value exchange without a blockchain.

While cryptocurrencies are maintained by distributed ledgers with no central authority, their trust graph is still fully centralized: everyone has to trust the currency that powers the blockchain (BTC, ETH, XLM…).

Settle’s goal is to explore a new financial trust primitive, and doing so, construct a decentralized trust graph enabling (totally) free exchange of value without relying on a blockchain, making it particularly adapted to machine-to-machine transactions.

The Settle transaction protocol allows users to safely transfer value along pre-expressed trust paths (see Mint documentation). Similarly to email, users register on a “mint”: a server of their choice (possibly their own) that manage the assets they issue as well as the trust they express towards assets in the network.

Settle distributes a command line utility, settle, to interact with mints. It lets you register on a publicly available mint (or login on a mint of your choice), create assets, express trust between your assets and others’, and transact using these trust paths.

Settle also maintains a publicly available mint on which you can register freely.

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Install settle locally (under ~/.settle):

curl -L | sh && export PATH=$PATH:~/.settle

Getting started

Read the command-line help:

settle help

Register on a mint:

settle register

Mint (activate) your first asset (USD with a scale of 2, i.e expressed in cents):

settle mint USD.2

(Assets are expressed as {CODE}.{SCALE} where the code is an alphanumeric string of your choice and the scale, or decimal length, is an integer representing the factor by which the asset native amount is scaled down when represented as a signed integer).

Trust someone for $10:

settle trust USD.2 1000

Trust at a specific price:

settle trust KWH.2 10000 with USD.2 at 20/100

(Prices are expressed as base_asset/quote_asset where the base asset is your own asset (here[USD.2]) and the quote asset is the asset you trust (here[KWH.2]).

Pay someone 1€ (assuming a trust path exists):

settle pay EUR.2 100